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In conjunction with the safety governing by the Malaysian government, Mamalove declares on compromising with the safety standards required for the products.

A. Requirements for Declaration of Products

According to the new legislation and requirement for toys in Malaysia as imposed by Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism (MDTCC), our company have made declaration of new and existing products as per the safety requirements.

For current or previous (old inventory) products prior 1st February 2011, we do not require to stick the MC sticker as stated by the MDTCC but we declared and submitted a set of Certificate of Conformance (COC) to MDTCC. Also, our new inventory range will certainly have the said ‘MC’ sticker on product itself as well as packaging. The COC list has been approved by the MDTCC and our products are safe for children used.

The stated requirements for the existing products as follows:

Declaration for Existing Products

B. Marking Requirements
  • MC marking is not a requirement for existing products, However the product owner is required to make declaration that the product conforms to the equivalent standard and are safe to use.
  • Any international safety mark or safety declaration shall be accepted.

Part B of this guideline is only applicable until 1 January 2012. Within the given period, the product owner is required to take measures in order to ensure that the existing toys are complied with the regulation requirements.
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